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We provide the opportunity for you or your club mom to get games and get better.  If you’re not integrating film into your regimen, as an up and coming student athlete, then you don’t understand the value of film.  Seeing yourself on film is THE best way to actually evaluate your play/mistakes and correct them next time out on the hardwood, football field, swimming pool, etc.  There’s an old saying where I come from…film don’t lie.
*Cost does not include admission and parking if needed.


$60* On the Spot DVD
We Provide a DVD on the spot 10 minutes after the game is over so you can go home and watch your play.  Each additional DVD $15.  Skip the snack bar and McDonald’s this game and get a game DVD.  Invest in your game.

$90* Game Film and Upload – HD
A PopScout videographer will film your game with a fluid head tripod/monopod for smooth movements and an HD Camera (1080p or 720p – it’s your call).  Game is filmed from baseline or stands, its your choice.  Mixtapes are usually shot from baseline.  We send you the file via Dropbox or Google Drive or how ever you wish to receive it.  The cost includes filming, pristine encoding of the game, and uploading to YouTube/Dropbox, etc.  Don;t second guess the value of sitting and watching yourself, thus enabling you to visually see the areas of your gamw you need the most improvement.  Working on step backs and euro-steps are cool, but in the end, you’re going to need an overall game to make a difference at the next level – and in the eyes of college recruiters.

LMU Commit Naomi Yim.  Class of 2018 Norco High School. (Popscout)

$175* Canon 5D and 70-200 Lens
Nowadays the landscape is changing so much you don’t want to fall out of the loop.  Consider a cinematic approach to your game film for banquets, mixtapes, and special engagements.  PopScout will film a ‘Cinematic’ style game with rack focus, quick pans and zooms, tight angles, and clean audio.

$60* – Youth Games Special
Film youth game (1 hr) and provide upload to YouTube.  Unlisted link so only your team can watch and gain that edge needed in today’s sports.  Great way of having not just that pizza party, but getting in some study skills as well.  Take your game to the next level family.  Don’t listen to the haters.


$99 and up Mixtapes
(Text, Email or Call for Quote)
Just came from the big tourney huh? Got all your kids footage?  Great! Bring us your footage or allow us to shoot your games and edit together your Mixtape.  We do everything from a simple edit to a ballislife version.  Consider the impact you would like to make on your audience, your budget, and let’s get your kid some exposure.   You’ll have the electronic file to share with all Social Media outlets and the ability to upload to your YouTube Channel or recruiting service..

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Don’t wait another minute.  The stakes are too high these days not to cover all your bases.  Get the Mixtape and begin to develop a working relationship with the schools you’re interested in.  Get the exposure you need with a PopScout Mixtape.

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