Photography Services

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Action Photography

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We’ve mastered the exposure triangle and everything else associated with being a great photographer.  We use Canon cameras and lenses to create special moments that last a lifetime.  Give us a call for your next event.  It doesn’t matter what sport it is, we got you covered.

Photoshop Magic

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In the Graphic Design world, it’s all about creating something from scratch.  Take your game to the next level with Popscout Graphics.  Not only do we capture those special moments, but we bring it all to life with a specialty poster prints and digital downloads.  We Green-screen, Photoshop, then print all under one roof.  Need some graphics for your next tourney that’s outside the box?  You do.  Separate yourself from the competition and let Popscout take care of all your Media Needs.

Team Photography

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It’s all about togetherness.  Team pictures allow us to remember those player moments shared together and the bond that was developed in high school on the hardwood floors.  Blood, sweat, and tears you feel me. Popscout photographer(s) will come to your gym, photograph your squad (individual and team), and then do what you guys do.  Go back to the lab and work on our game.  The end result is butter indeed.

Services we provide:

On-the-spot printing – Great for MOP Award.
Action Photography – We use Canon cameras and lenses for stunning shots.
Team Pictures – Schedule and appointment and let us do the rest.
Photoshop Posters – Cut out effects for that special player.

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