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Dapper Dandy’s

Part 3 of our look at Dapper Dandy’s that stood out at ‘The 8’ tourney hosted by BigFootHoops July 26-28, 2017.


Hunter Tyson 6’7 – Guard
Team CP3
Class of 2018

Can you step up and play with the big boys?  Confident in your skills that you got want it takes to be an impact player?  Those questions have been asked and answered by Hunter this summer, showing solid play under the Team CP3 umbrella.  Hunter is a big, active guard who plays very well with the ball in his hands, controlling the tempo and leading his squad.  Finishes well around the rim and shows no signs of being intimidated on the big stage.  Three level scorer who will be a nice addition to any D1 school looking to bring in a team guy with patient, advanced skill-sets.  Hunter is garnering interest from Clemson, DePaul, East Carolina, Tennessee, and Wake Forest.



Caleb Christopher  6’0 – Guard
California Supreme
Class of 2018

Solid point guard, held his own during The 2017 Las Vegas Classic.  Lock down defender will garner several D1 offers based on his ability to play on the defensive end of the court.  Shows the ability to handle the rock, confidently initiating offensive sets against the big boys.  Good shooter, passer, and finishes well among the trees.  Will need to play a bit slower and let the game come to him, a few times forcing the issue  – which can be a plus and a minus.  Overall solid recruit who backs down from no one and brings his A game when it counts.



Darius Bazley  6’8 – Forward
Mean Streets
Class of 2018

Long, linky wing with big upside.  Runs the floor and handles the rock with enough skills to be effective on the break while finishing and creating off the bounce.  Rebounds and defends the hoop with a developing offensive midrange game.  Decent perimeter shooter, will need to develop his stroke from long range to be effective and stretch the defense. Syracuse has another 5 star in the making, assuring that the Orangemen will be on the map in years to come.  Prototype wing as NBA scouts salivate at the mouth for this lefty slender big.  Will benefit from staying in the weight room and stiff competition from the Big East.  Look for this young man to crack many NBA teams’ wish list within the next few years.

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The Speed of the Game.


Scouts on hand looking for the next big thing during ‘The 8’ Tourney hosted by Big Foot Hoops. How do you prepare for fast-paced, super skilled action at the highest level?

Hands. Feet. Eyes.  All working together as one.  The speed of the game can be a challenge for some. Players find out reel soon that something, something, just aint right (singing in my Keith Sweat voice). It’s one thing to simulate game speed in practice, it’s another to be able to perform when it counts.  Big time players make it look easy, some would say even appearing to play in slow motion.  All while still able to show killer instincts when it counts.  Pull the dagger you feel me.



Many players making the leap from another country, such as Alemany Class of 2018 F Fred Odhiambo, are finding out the speed of the game is much faster.  How does one compensate?  Image by PopScout.

Many who are in the lab, working on their game, find out the hard way family.  It’s a two way street:  game preparation vs. game time performance.  Picture this…You practice with the best trainers, putting in hours of work in the lab.  You compete in practice and go to work during pick up games.  Unfortunately, when it’s time to shine under the lights, you just can’t seem to develop that magic needed to excel and impress the powers that be – D1 scouts. Players showing up from other countries with skills of their own, are finding out real fast they must step their game up to “a hole ‘notha level” in order to compete with the big boys.


So you got aspirations of making it to the league huh?  Let’s be honest…could you truly perform at the highest level?  Image by PopScout.

It will be interesting to see those who truly want to make it to the big dance and those who just want to be a part of the team.  2017-18 should yield some true thoroughbreds, punching their ticket to a college campus of choice. Like those Gatorade commercials folks…is it in you?  If you know deep down inside you don’t have what it takes to make an impact, step aside for soldiers who truly want to make a difference.  Sorry for being blunt fam’.  Game recognize game.

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