NCAA Corruption Case: Black Assistant Coaches targeted

NY Times article on the corruption scandal.

As of today, it appears the scapegoats for the NCAA FBI basketball corruption scandal will fall on the backs of black assistants.   Although there was mention of head coaches involved (minus Rick Pitino who was released by Louisville), it appears the only ones who will be punished are black assistant coaches.

From left, Tony Bland, Emanuel Richardson, Lamont Evans and Chuck Person. AP; Getty Images

Four assistant coaches accused of taking bribes of between $13,000 and $100,000 to convince players were identified as Chuck Person of Auburn University, Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State University, Emanuel Richardson of the University of Arizona, and Anthony Bland of the University of Southern.

No coaches just the assistants.  Interesting developments indeed.  Makes you wonder if the assistant coaches were puppets being used by their coaches to secure recruits or possibly lose their jobs. Assistant coaches doing the dirty work of others, only to find out the jokes on you.  Same old song being played as we continue to take the brunt of it.

Just speculation but again this raises the eyebrows of those in the black community as we begin to wonder just how much of a fair deal we are getting from the NCAA and other institutions who rake in millions of dollars from the play of our student athletes and we see little to no return in terms of employment opportunities, support to grow when we get those positions,  and overall equality and a level playing field.  It’s crazy to think these schools (Universities) are set up as non profits…what a joke!

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