NCAA – 2 Sides to the Coin

Kevin Ollie was officially fired by the University of Connecticut on June 19. Brett Rojo/USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Ollie demands retraction in the latest news surrounding his dismissal from UCONN.  After winning a National Championship in 2014, things haven’t been rosy for the former Crenshaw High Star, whose team posted a 14-18 record last season, missing the NCAA tourney. We’re keeping an eagle’s eye out on his situation and how the University handles his case. As a former Crenshaw Cougar, we’re a bit concerned about the treatment of Mr. Ollie and the allegations surrounding his dismissal.  Albeit the allegations, was he given the opportunity to grow and develop as a coach?  Was he afforded all the resources former head coach Jim Calhoun was given?  After all, the kid won a National Title in 2014.

Arizona backed head Coach Sean Miller (left) despite accusations of phone conversations from the FBI in which 100 grand was discussed. Interesting because he hasn’t even reached an NCAA Final Four.  Popscout – BigFootHoops 2015

Are black head coaches given the luxury to learn from their mistakes or is it the ‘one and done’ and you’re out concept.  Whisper their accomplishments and scream out their failures?  On the surface, it appears to be the same old song from another institution that lacks diversity within their company.  We don’t know the make up of UCONN’s administrative team but one can guess it’s not diverse.

Just another issue where we as Black America need to take a long look at how our coaches, players, and community are being subjected to systemic practices in place that continue to hinder our ability to grow.

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