The Financial Gains from Black Athletes

Note: Comments and beliefs made/reflected on this site have nothing to do with student athletes, coaches or others.  They are strictly the opinion of Popscout.

Next Man Up:
2019 Chino Hills 5 Star recruit Onyeka Okongwu (seen above) sporting a Dreamers Hoodie) is the next in line of top basketball recruits who may have a financial future on the hard wood floor at the next level.  Those who profit off the backs of black athletes are licking their chops and continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the black community.

Colleges and coaches make hundreds of millions of dollars off talented young kids (with few ‘ships to show for it). If a student athlete gets a 4 piece Chicken McNugget happy meal for free, they’re in violation of NCAA rules.  Another slap in the face for black athletes in particular, who’ve taken collegiate sports to the next level with their God given skills and abilities, providing hundreds with jobs and opportunities that the black community will never see. Popscout


Basketball has become a billion dollar global business. While the black athlete is at the forefront of the growth in terms of minutes played on the court, how much of the financial gains will the black community actually see off the court? Very little to none. Popscout

Word on the street is that AAU basketball will undergo a serious July viewing period make-over.  In the wake of the recent NCAA basketball scandal (to which it seems those involved were given a slap on the wrist…as usual), something had to be done.  It appears to be the same old song being sung over and over again:

Those in charge make up the rules while those who are not continue to be played – on and off the court.

Major recruiting services and companies benefit tremendously off the backs of young student athletes – whose love of the game keeps them blind to the fact. People of color are usually employed far and few between. Popscout

Popscout will begin to take a closer look at the financial scope of things.  It’s interesting how black athletes in basketball and football (NBA and college) make up the bulk of the top players people want to see.  Thus generating hundreds of jobs for other groups. Yet we are the most unemployed in America?  It’s across the board – from top to bottom the game being run on us by those who would like to see things stay exactly how they are:

They continue to leech off our talent as we continue to not come together as a community to solve the condition that we are in as a whole. 

Talk about a coach drawing something up.  That’s the game winner indeed, being played on the black athlete/community who continue to fund your own peoples’ demise.

Lonzo Ball is about to turn up this season running with The King. That’s cool but will underprivileged kids and families even get a chance to see LeBron and Zo suit up the next 4 years?  Probably not. Popscout

Lebron James comes to town and it appears gravy.  But if we take a closer look, opportunities for blacks and their community will be little to none.  Sure we’ll get a few free scholarships and a few token gestures but the fact of the matter will remain the same:

Black athletes continue to generate millions and billions of dollars while the masses of our people suffer and see little return…while others have all the jobs. 

The BIG3 basketball league is on and poppin.  Ice Cube is doing the damn ‘thang’. Generating so many jobs under his umbrella that we surely can count on it for stability and hope in the black community. A closer look behind the scenes at who has the jobs (camera, behind the scenes, photo, etc. etc. etc.) and it appears to be the same old song being sung.

Others getting the majority of the returns while we see one or two getting paid and we think its a good thing.  But it’s not.

5 Star USC commit Big O sports a Dreamers Hoodie during the 2018 Magic Memorial Day Tourney. Those from the black community begin to wonder how many black dollars are being recycled in our community, while others continue to leech and benefit off black student athletes and their God given talent. Popscout

It almost appears as if we’re financing our own downfall!  Makes you really want to sit down and re-evaluate things as a community.  Many would like for you to believe that things are just rosy. Usually when you look under the hood, those are the ones who continue to benefit tremendously from the wool over our eyes family.  If they were in your shoes trust me, they would be concerned about their people and the struggle.  And we must begin to do so as well.

Pandora’s box has been opened.

Elevate Yo’ Game



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