Dapper Dandy’s

Part 2 of our look at Dapper Dandy's who stood out at 'The 8' Tourney hosted by BigFootHoops July 26-28, 2017. Jacobi Gordon  -6'7 Forward Houston Hoops Class of 2018 Cal Commit Athletic forward who does the little things for his club  -hits the boards, plays defense, and shows a willingness to share the basketball.... Continue Reading →

Dapper Dandy’s

Part 1 of our look at Dapper Dandy's that stood out this summer on the AAU circuit. Summer has come and gone.  It was a time to showcase your skills, beginning your journey towards stardom.  Many feel the AAU circuit may be watered down with Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike all having their own summer... Continue Reading →

Leaving so soon?

So the tourney is winding down and your club didn't make it to the 'ship.  It was a tough tournament, taking your bumps and bruises as a unit.  What's the focal point of your participation in tournaments? Trophies?  Prestige? Swag?  PopScout is a bit concerned because many of the clubs aren't sticking around to see... Continue Reading →

Sending a Message

The Summer circuit has come to a close.  Some teams have done very well, while others must head back to the drawing board - possibly to tweak or make some minor adjustments - while others must scrap their whole system and begin from scratch.  Whatever the case may be, it's going to boil down to... Continue Reading →

A chip off the old block.

So you had game growing up huh?  Developed your skills and catapulted yourself to D1 status.  You made a name for yourself - whether it be overseas, NBA, or just the Drew league.  It all came down to putting in hard work, your passion for the game, and sometimes just someone who was willing to... Continue Reading →

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